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  • Which all Cities IB Operates?
    We work currently in Bangalore, Hyderabad, Chennai, Pune and Canada.
  • Whom should I Contact in Interio Breton?
    If you are New Client: Please reach out to us on our 1. Email: 2: Customer Support: 9731161367 3: Whatsapp: 8050029036 4. Canada: +1 (647) 846-4862 If you are a Existing Client: 1. Reach us via your Message center from client dashboard (Recommended) 2. Your POC (Point of Contact) will be your Project managers, Mentioned in Quotation, If they do not receive the call or call back in one hour you can contact on our CST Dept number.
  • Will I get 2D or 3D design? and When?
    Yes you will receive 2D design free of cost after the Registration fee payment of 2,000 INR And 3D will be provided free of cost after the 1st payment made and lamination is selected before the production.
  • How is work is Executed at IB?
    FACTORY FINISH (Recomended) 1. We do all the work at factory and install on the site. 2. Few of the products will be unable to do at factory those will be made on site. MANUAL FINISH. All the Material transpoprtation and Production will happen on site itself with the help of carpenters.
  • How can I know if the Wood used inside the lamination are of my brand or discussed?
    We will show you the complete process from the Procurement > Pressing > Cutting > Edgebanding.
  • Does IB have EMI Services?
    Yes we do provide lowest costing EMI at 5-7% and No Cost EMI for upto 6 Months from our partnered vendors.
  • Why is IB Sq.ft Price Lower than other vendors?
    We provide low sq.ft as we do not add our operational and corporate expenses of the company on the client quotation and we believe in more projects with less margin than high margins less projects.
  • Can I see my products getting manufactured?
    Yes we are more obliged to have you factory tour where you can see the manufacturing process if you are in the same city, Else the Pictures and Videos will be shared on whatsapp from the concerned tesm.
  • How Many days does IB take to Complete the Project?
    The timeline usually depends on how big the project is mostly between 45 (2BHK or 3BHK) to 65 (Bungalows, Villas Etc.) working days from the consent form signing.
  • What all Payments Mode does IB have?
    We have all the payments mode. 1. Hardcash 2. NEFT 3. UPI 4. Dr and Cr cards
  • How do you give us the quotation first without even seeing the Site?
    We make Quotation roughly based on the floor plan dimensions and Requirements to give you an estimation of the project so that you can plan your budget accordingly.
  • Do I get discounts or Complementary?
    Yes, Discounts will be given to the clients once the quotation is getting finalised. Complimentary can be discussed with the Managers.
  • Where Can i download or View my Quotation from IB
    You can download or view your quotation from the below Sources: 1. Android Users - Download the Interio Breton App (Click Here) to download. 2. iOS and Windows users can down load from
  • Can I Customise my product or you will have fixed designs?
    You can customise the product based on your needs and requirements and designs we welcome everything.
  • Does IB give design suggestion or Consultation?
    Yes we do give design suggestions and consultation on site visit or virtually.
  • Can I add any products or service while in between ongoing project?
    Yes you can add, but the payment has to be made immediately while rendering the service.
  • What all Services does IB provide?
    We cater to below requirments - Interior Designing, Civil, Architecture, Plumbing, Flooring, Painting, Electrical, Granite etc. from Flooring to Roof everything will be taken care.
  • Does IB do Renovation?
    Yes we also do renovation of old homes based on the themes and requirments.
  • What is the sq.ft IB charges?
    We have different sq.ft for different furniture/Products made based on the wood used in the manufacturing of the same. sq.ft price for Box/wardrobe is 1000/sq.ft and Kitchen at 1150, Loft at 700, TV Unit at 950 and so on, the prices will be mentioned in the quotation when you download from dashboard and can be negotiable after finalization.
  • Can I see any existing project happening/Finished by IB?
    Yes, if clients allow us to bring you in to see their property we shall take permission and show you the projects, For now its challenging because of Covid. Most of the projects are already uploaded on the youtube you can view here
  • What all things do I need to take care of apart from provided quotation on dashboard?
    Quotation wont cover Electronics, Electricals, Painting, Decorative and Civil work Material and Labour charges as these needs evaluation on what you use based on Watts, Prices, Colour, Dimension etc. Hence this quotation will be provided post discussion.
  • Does IB provide loose furniture as well?
    Yes we provide the furniture as well such as Sofa, Beds, Dining Tables Etc.
  • How many days does IB take to make quotation?
    The Quotation is made using a Saas Based application and quotation team tries to submit you the quotation in a day after reaching out, and maximum upto 2 working days if there are any work loads.
  • Why I am unable to log in into my account in application?
    Its may be you used the wrong credentials, check on spaces and other special characters. Even if its not able to log in, Contact customer support on 9731161367/8050029036
  • Does IB have iOS application?
    No, as of now we do not have Apple/iOS Application, Non android users can access the Quotation/Client Dashboard from website i.e from
  • What if you do not finish the project in specified days?
    We will deduct half of the payment from the final payment as per company agreement as compensation towards the timeline damage.
  • What is the IB's procedure to start the work?
    Procedure is as follows: 1. Send the Floor Plan and Requirements. 2. We will send you a rough quotation based on floor plan dimensions and requirements. 3. See if the Quotation falling under Budget a. If Yes, we shall take to step 4 i.e Site visit for further discussion and Exact Measurement to provide final quotation. b. If No, We shall discuss how to get the interiors under your Budget. 4. Free site visit to take actual measurements and provide final quotation. 5. Registration Fees of 2,000 from link Dashboard. 6. Then we shall have 2D Design, Material and Color discussion. 7. After Design, Color and Material Finalization, Once First payment received Shall start 3D work and the work will start immediately.
  • Why and when consent form need to be signed? and where can I find my Consent form?
    Its for the documentation and security purpose of client and company for smooth movement of work without any consent or issue, and needs to be signed after the design finalisation. and you can find the same on you Client Dashboard.
  • How many instalments do I need to pay? And why?
    You shall be entitled for4 Instalment of payment before finish of the work. a. Instalment #1 (50%) : Procurement of Play, External and Inner Laminates, adhesive, Transportation and Labour and factory charges. b. Instalment #2 (30%) : After installation of carcass at the location. c. Instalment #3 (15%) : Procurement of Hardware, Kitchen Accessories, Granites, MS or SS work etc , transportation, Labour. d. Instalment #4 (5%) : Final payment Labour Charges to all Staff and Carpenters during the handover of the keys.
  • Can I ask to use my selected brands? Like in Plywood, laminate and Hardware?"
    Yes, you can select which ever materials you want to use the prices will vary from brand to brand and that we will be including it in the quotation.
  • How do I track my payment information?
    The payment will be tracked via the client dashboard again which has payments details , on every payment made that is either hard cash or online or any form will be recorded and you will have access to view your transactions in real-time.
  • What wood do you use by Default?
    We use 18mm MR(Moisture Resistence ) Calibrated Plywood with 15 years warranty and Termite Free. In Kitchen and wet areas, We use BWR 18mm plywood.
  • What brands of Wood is used in IB?
    We use Metro or Jaguar, Eeco etc. Which passes 2000 – 9001 ISI certified or Any preferred brand(Prices may vary).
  • What is IB Warranty?
    We provide 15 yrs of warranty on the wood work we do and material we use.
  • What all things are covered in warranty provided from Interio breton?
    Warranty covers Wood we use, Lamination we use, Work/Labour Mistakes, 2yrs of Hardware warranty (All subject to after inspection)
  • How to avail Warranty card?
    After the work is done you need to submit the warranty form on website. Link:
  • How to claim warranty from IB in any issue?
    Just give us a call or message us on message centre with the warranty card provided. The team will come to inspect and if they approve the warranty will be approved and will be replaced or repaired.
  • I cant travel to site will IB handle the project?
    Yes, we will handle the project after you finish the selection of designs and colours. We shall be in touch with the owners via video calls over Google Meet, whatsapp video, calls etc.
  • What Laminates are used in Project?
    On all the projects we use 1mm External Laminates wooden base laminates by Default. can be changed to Acrylic, PVC and Laquered Glass on extra charges. We use 0.8mm Inner Laminates either from Virgo, ASIS white laminates inside kitchen and dark laminates in wardrobes.
  • What hardware does IB use by Default?
    Ebco hardwares by Default in kitchen and other areas, and can be opted in any brands which needs to be installed on extra charges.
  • What type of hardware we use? And where?
    We use Softclosure hardware in Kitchen Base unit and upper unit and normal closure in loft and soft closure hinges/Sliders in wardrobes.
  • Does Sliding and Hinged Wardrobe has different price? And why?
    No, Both are priced same, as the slider of the wardrobe is equalling to the number of hinges used in two doors.
  • What is Laminate? Acrylic? Glass?
    a. Laminates are the finishing in wood base, with matte or glossy finish designs and colours on top. b. Acrylic is the finish in the form glossy finish which is equal glossy to a glass texture, and can be chosen from different colours. c. Glass finish is the Toughened glass with back splash of colours (Mostly used in Kitchen instead of tiles and on wardrobes)
  • Want Lacquered Glass Wardrobes?
    Lacquered glass is the material used on top of the wood to give the wardrobe door a glass finish. And designs can be chosen from various design catalogues. Aristo Lacquered Doors also are provided at the 10% off from the market prices.
  • What wood used in CNC?
    We use MDF(Medium Density Fiber) wood in CNC to give perfect finish at the roof and Plywood in Doors and Partitions.
  • Will you customise the interiors as per pictures I show?
    Yes, you may can pick the designs and pictures from Google, Pinterest or any other interiors we shall do the same or customization in that.
  • Can you work while we stay at site?
    Yes, we can work on the site while you stay on site, until if you do are not disturbed by the noise of wood cutting and most of the work will happen on factory except few like partitions, panelling, TV unit etc.
  • I have certain budget can you work in that budget? How will you work in that budget?
    Yes, we have to plan thing in your budget like customization, alternatives ways or any thing which can be removed or altered but we will not compromise on the materials.
  • Why should i choose IB than other? What's difference?
    We are Known for the Budget interiors, hence we don't just beautify your home but we build your emotions piece by piece. We have countless features that nobody has in interior field. Nor even the most marketed big giants. And most Importantly we do not charge our personal expenses into your quotation like other vendor does. we keep it low as much as we can #IBWithYourEmotions
  • Can I get options to choose the colors and design?
    Yes, Definitely you get to choose the designs and colors as per your choice also our suggestions will be additions.
  • Do you have packages?
    For now we do not have package. But we will start the packages soon and shopping soon.
  • What material does IB use in False ceiling?
    We use 12mm Gypsum boards from Gyproc by Saint Gobain.
  • I have possession bit late, but want to reserve the quotation and price what to do?"
    Yes you can reserve the current pricing for upto 6 months only, you need to accept the present quotation by paying the 2000 rupees online.
  • When will i get my warranty card?
    You will receive the warranty card after 12 business days of filling the warranty form on website.
  • Why Interio Breton Charges less than other interior designers?
    Interio Breton charges are less than other interior designers that we cut our own expenses and we do not include in the client quotation we take care of it by our own, While other interior designers include the rents, salaries, Interior Designer charges, Percentages etc. To the quotation makes it sq.ft higher comparatively.
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